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Employee Standards of Conduct

Employees of the district government are charged at all times with maintaining a high level of ethical conduct in the performance of their official duties. Employees must refrain from engaging in any official action which would adversely affect the confidence of the public in the integrity of the district government. The regulations, which prescribe the standards of conduct for all district employees, are set forth in Chapter 18, “Employee Conduct” of the DC Personnel Regulations.

The District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics, through its Office of Campaign Finance, is responsible for the enforcement of the “Employee Conduct” regulations for the Mayor, the Chairman and each member of the Council of the District of Columbia, the President and each member of the Board of Education, members of boards and commissions as provided in DC official code section 1-1106.02(a), employees in the executive service, and persons appointed in either the excepted or legal service, and paid at the rate of a DS-13 or above. The enforcement of these regulations with respect to all other employees is the responsibility of each agency head.

Any employee may request an advisory opinion from the DC Ethics Counselor as to whether particular conduct, activities, or outside interests would constitute or potentially constitute a violation of law or Chapter 18.

Contact the DC Ethics Counselor in the Office of the Attorney General at (202) 727-3400.