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Campaign Finance Guide

This Guide is a summary of the many regulations, procedures, and guidelines which govern the registration and reporting requirements of candidates, political committees, public officials, and lobbyists in the District of Columbia. All registration and reporting requirements have been identified. The Office of Campaign Finance provides detailed information kits for each interest group, that contain the necessary forms and specific regulations and procedures for correct filing and registration.

We hope this Guide will be informative and provide the guidance needed for access to the financial accountability and disclosure process in the District of Columbia. For more detailed information and analysis, you should contact the Office of Campaign Finance.

The Office of Campaign Finance phone numbers are 671-0550 or 671-0547. You may visit us at our website at

About the Act

The DC Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act of 1974, as amended, DC Official Code, Sections 1-1101.01 et seq., 88 Stat. 447, Public Law 93-376, (hereinafter the “Campaign Finance Act”) was enacted by Congress on August 14, 1974, to provide a means of monitoring and enforcing campaign finance and the financial disclosures of local elected officials, candidates, political committees, and lobbyists in the District of Columbia. The primary goal of this legislation is to require that local candidates seeking election, lobbyists, public officials and treasurers of political committees, citizen-service programs and statehood fund programs make complete and full disclosures. Various provisions of the Campaign Finance Act are clarified by regulations promulgated by the Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) with the approval of the Board of Elections and Ethics. OCF regulations are cited under Chapters 30 through 37 of Title III, “Elections and Ethics”, of the DC Municipal Regulations.

About the Office of Campaign Finance

The DC Office of Campaign Finance is established within the DC Board of Elections and Ethics to administer and enforce District laws pertaining to Campaign Finance, Lobbying, Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure of Public Officials.

The primary objective of the OCF is to obtain voluntary compliance with the Campaign Finance Act. To achieve this goal, the Office has several major priorities which include providing an aggressive public information and education service for persons subject to the Act, thereby increasing OCF’s public disclosure capabilities. The Director of Campaign Finance is committed to an aggressive outreach program to educate, and to provide information to candidates, committees, lobbyists, financial disclosure filers, and the public.

The Office of Campaign Finance is organized into three major divisions which operate under the direction of the Office of the Director: the Public Information and Records Management Division (PIRM); the Reports Analysis and Audit Division (RAAD); and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC). Each OCF component is organized to support, service, and develop an effective financial reporting and disclosure program for the District of Columbia.

About the DC Board of Elections & Ethics

The DC Board of Elections & Ethics (BOEE) is the independent agency of the District Government responsible for the administration of elections, ballot access and voter registration in the District of Columbia. The BOEE consists of three active Board members, an Executive Director, a General Counsel and a number of support staff who run the day-to-day operations of the Agency.

About Online Filing of Reports

The Office of Campaign Finance has developed a web-based Online Filing System for use by constituents and the public. This system supports the filing of required financial reports by candidates and political committees, lobbyists, disclosure of personal interests of public officials, citizen-service programs, and Senator and Representative Statehood Funds.

Reports available for online filing:

  • Report of Receipts and Expenditures (Candidates & Political Committees)
  • Lobbyist Activity Report
  • Financial Disclosure Statement
  • Report of Receipts and Expenditures for Citizen-Service Programs